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Puppet Receives $42M Funding From Backers Including Cisco Investments & VMware

Software automation provider Puppet has announced it has secured $42 million in funding led by Cisco Investments along with EDBI, Kleiner Perkins, True Ventures, and VMware. The news comes off the back of momentum in Europe, where the IT organisation has recently reached 100 employees, including Product Engineering and Go-To-Market personnel.

EMEA was the fastest growing region for the DevOps and automation company in FY18, which recently closed its acquisition of data-visualisation-as-a-service platform provider, Reflect, added multiple products to its portfolio, and opened new global offices in the last year.

Puppet CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani, commented on the news by identifying the state of the industry and why this is important to Portland-based company:

“Our rapid growth and international expansion is a testament to the rising demand for DevOps transformation, software automation and the pressing need for enterprises to navigate the new world of software delivery. That’s why we’ve been so focused on expanding our product portfolio—to empower customers to discover, deliver and operate software across their cloud and containerised environments,”

“I’m thrilled by the momentum we’re experiencing. It helps us better support our customers’ journey to pervasive automation.”

Rob Salvagno, VP of Corporate Development and Cisco Investments, focused on the importance of working with Puppet as the market’s appetite for automation grows:

“Businesses put increasingly massive pressure on enterprise IT—so, it’s important that those IT organisations partner with technology providers with compelling innovation, world-class support and a global community of experts. Puppet has a track record of empowering its customers with all of these critical elements,” said

“We look forward to working even more with Puppet as the global demand for automation technology and innovation continues to accelerate.”

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