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Sonata Software forms partnership with IZARA to further its Nordic ambitions

Sonata Software, the global IT solutions firm, has formed a strategic partnership with Danish ERP house, IZARA to further develop its presence in the Nordic region.  Sonata Software takes a 15% stake in the fledgling ERP and IT specialist to strengthen its footprint across Northern Europe.  The co-ownership deal will enable Sonata Software to maximise its current customer relationships and forge new partnerships with its digital transformation offering - platformation – a concept that enables businesses to move towards platform-based business models backed by technology.

“Our companies have worked together since IZARA’s inception and we see great potential in developing the collaboration furthermore,” commented Tridip Saha, head for European business Sonata Software.  “There is an excellent synergy between us in terms of skillsets and geographical coverage and we both share the same ethos for delivering strategic work that meets the IT needs of our customers.”

Sonata Software is a global IT solutions firm focused on catalysing the business transformation initiatives of businesses.  The company delivers innovative solutions for travel, retail & distribution and software product companies through IP-based platforms, products and services.  Sonata's solutions bring together new digital technologies for omnichannel commerce, mobility, analytics, cloud and ERP, to drive enhanced customer engagement, operations efficiency and a greater return on IT investments.  Technology partners include Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Symantec and VMWare.

IZARA will be backed by a Microsoft Dynamics engineering team of 700+ in Bangalore - one of the strongest development houses in India with the partnership providing unlimited access to core competencies and world class development teams that will drive the quality of IT projects.

IZARA, the merger of the two companies, IZARA and AXspecialists helps companies remove uncertainties and risks by setting them free from IT dependencies and allowing them to focus on their core business.  IZARA has traditionally been an advisory company aiding customers with transitions within the ERP market, while AXspecialists was a IT boutique parachuted in to rescue troubled ERP projects.

“Sonata Software puts great trust in us by expanding the partnership this way.  With the investment, we can go to market as a far bigger player than before, and that makes us a more attractive business partner on larger projects.  It also means that it will become easier for us to deliver solutions that are flexible and more scalable for our clients,” added Jakob Ingemann, CEO of IZARA.

Sonata Software is a global IT solutions firm focused on catalysing business transformation initiatives of its clients through deep domain knowledge, technology expertise and customer commitment.  The company delivers innovative solutions for Travel, Retail & Distribution and Software Product companies through IP based Platforms, Products and Services, that bring together new digital technologies.

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