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WORK & MOVE software makes employees more creative and productive

The focus on exercise and vitality in the office environment has never been greater. Increasingly, organisations are investing in long-term employability as well as employee performance. BakkerElkhuizen gives organisations a scientifically proven, but above all, practical aid for investing in long-term employability in the form of the latest WORK & MOVE employee wellbeing software. This software effectively coaches employees to engage in more mental and physical exercise. WORK & MOVE enables employees to get more done during the working day and to have more energy at the end of the working day.

Encourages employees to exercise more

WORK & MOVE is a personal coach that ensures sufficient variation between concentrated DSE work and mental and physical exercise. This software provides an insight into and feedback on employees’ computer habits. Based on the personal needs of employees, the software advises the optimal work-exercise rhythm and helps employees master that rhythm.

Scientifically proven

Scientific research shows that our brains become fatigued after working continuously for 40-50 minutes, as a result of which our pace decreases and we make more mistakes. Your brain needs at least 3 minutes to switch off from work mentally. Mental exercise enables the brain to recharge itself and you can carry on feeling fit and focused.

John van Hooft, CEO of BakkerElkhuizen: “Effective concentration is essential for doing our work well. We cannot work in a concentrated fashion for 8 consecutive hours during the working day. Concentration cannot remain optimal continually. A mental and/or physical pit stop of at least 3 minutes every hour prevents your concentration from slackening. The benefit to you: you get more done, have more energy, and deliver a better quality of work. WORK & MOVE creates awareness and helps you and your organisation become and/or remain healthier, both mentally and physically.”

Embracing new trends

BakkerElkhuizen is known for embracing new trends in the field of wellbeing in the workplace by developing appropriate ergonomic hardware and software solutions. Our high-end solutions ensure employees can deliver sustainable performance.

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