Open source and the future of the cloud

I just read a blog post about Amazon’s use of Oracle in the cloud that I can only call stupid.

Just stupid.

The post implies that open source will not grow in the cloud because enterprises want the tried and true expensive and inflexible nature of the Oracle database.


While I will not argue that the beauty of the true cloud is that you can port any environment over to it (thus big companies will put their Oracle-driven stacks in the cloud) that is only a small fraction of the what the cloud is about.

This post is a great example of the kind of short-sightedness in some enterprise IT departments that can hold true innovation back. The real value of the cloud is being realized by the smartest companies and the most innovative – building scalable, fluid web properties and flexible, custom applications.

What are these next generation cloud stacks built on? Not Oracle, that’s for sure. The leading cloud environments and highly scalable web properties in the cloud are being built using Ruby, and Riak-based tools.

The relational database will very much be part of the cloud – but Oracle will only be a part of the story. For scalability and flexibility – open source is the only way.

Or, companies can keep using outdated concepts in the cloud and see how long the remain competitive.

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Martin Schneider is Director of Product Marketing at SugarCRM. In his role, Martin handles competitive intelligence, marketing positioning and analyst relations. Prior to joining SugarCRM, Martin held the position of senior analyst with technology industry research firm the 451 Group, headquartered in NYC. Martin covered the CRM landscape for the 451, analysing and consulting on such topics as Software-as-a-Service, business intelligence and open source applications. Martin also covered the CRM space as news editor with CRM Magazine in New York.

  • This is interesting – we just posted a blog about Open Source in the Cloud and some ways that it is being used by companies both enterprise-class and smaller (

    At Armada, many of our clients are seeing the scalability and innovation benefits that you refer to by using open source cloud solutions. But like any innovation, some folks are content to remain on the "safe" side of the adoption curve and may have to pay the price in terms of market share.