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Overcoming Technology Bottlenecks To Deliver Meaningful Digital Experiences

Digital Experiences

High-quality digital experiences are now essential to the way brands do business. Indeed, recent research which draws on 450 digital respondents from organisations with at least £250m turnover in the UK, France and Germany, shows that more than 80% of respondents claim digital is integral to their organisation’s operations and performance. The research also showed that 83% believe that their digital strategy is fit for purpose and 81% claim to have made digital part of the overall business strategy.

This all goes to show that digital experiences are now viewed as a fundamental building block of a business — much like having a great product to sell, a great team of people working together, a strong supply chain and great customer service. Chief digital officers (CDOs) are increasingly ambitious in their desire to effect real change to the way their business interacts with customers.

And yet, most companies still struggle with executing digital strategies. Beyond the Hype shows that 65% of organisations see implementing digital across the business as their number one strategic challenge. There are also further challenges in the specific implementation of personalisation strategies, content delivery, customer journeys and more.

The key point here is — having a strategy in place isn’t enough. To be truly ‘digitally fit’, organisations need to be able to execute on that strategy. And key to execution is technology.

The Technology Bottleneck

The problem though, is that for many organisations and their technology and operational capabilities are simply not fit for purpose any more. Infrastructure is a tangled mess, with very little integration between systems. For example, the research mentioned earlier shows that on average organisations are using at least three different content management systems (CMSs) and 69% of businesses say they are using a different framework for each of its brand’s websites.

This lack of integration is having a significant effect on overall digital fitness — spinning up a new landing page for a particular project, or updating content on the website still takes up an inordinate amount of time. Mapping customer journeys and building buyer profiles is extremely challenging. Without the ability to respond dynamically in real time and understand customers, organisations will struggle to innovate and offer the 21st-century digital experiences customers now demand.

Embracing Platforms Architected To Serve Today’s Digital Marketers

If digital brands are to get their operations in shape they need central unifying platforms to create data-driven journeys that enables the company to speed up, regain control, enhance their delivery of digital experiences — and ultimately capture opportunities.

Centralised platforms drastically reduce the time to market for new digital properties (including sites, apps, digital displays, and much more), remove workflow bottlenecks, and eradicate restrictions on creative freedom and features. Removing these barriers enables digital teams to run at the speed of today’s global businesses and embark on a completely new journey where they can focus completely on improving the quality of the customer experience rather than worrying about how they are going to do it.

Ultimately, digital experiences depend on brands’ abilities to execute at pace. As a result, the decision to adopt new, modern platforms that support today’s standards has the power to help brands win in competitive markets where experiences — not products or prices — are the differentiator.

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Sarah is the EMEA marketing director at Acquia. A CIM qualified marketer, she has over 10 years of experience working with and for global technology brands. Reporting into the VP of EMEA Marketing, her primary responsibility is to drive demand, in the form of net new pipeline and revenue, across the region. Acquia provides a cloud platform and data-driven journey technology to build, manage and activate digital experiences at scale. Thousands of organisations rely on Acquia’s digital factory to power customer experiences at every channel and touchpoint. Acquia liberates its customers by giving them the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms.