Paid Search Marketing: Strong Organic Rankings And The Benefits From Also Spending On PPC

It’s vital for any marketing team to create informative, comprehensive and regularly updated content, relevant to its company’s audience. This helps to keep organic rankings high. It’s important for any company to maintain high organic rankings through good SEO practices.

Search engines look at on-page (on-site) features, for ranking, such as: Relevant and up-to-date content, HTML page structure, site loading speed and good site structure.

Off page (off-site) ranking is done based on: link building, domain name and use of real-time platforms including forums and news sites.

The benefits received from spending on PPC, as well as optimising your own content for organic search, are:

PPC makes for a higher propensity for purchase, as well as having a higher percentage of users clicking on PPC ads than natural search lists. As a general rule SEO is used more for researching.

With a PPC advertisement one can control the message in the text of the ad you want to deliver. With SEO control is limited to the title, Google then chooses the blurb underneath.

You can update your PPC messages instantly and when necessary. Take HDTV as an example, ISP’s suddenly launched HD TV channels, and with PPC we were able to instantly put an ad up to suggest upgrading your Sky subscription to. PPC is the perfect platform for this type of sales and promotion. We are able to change the wording on our PPC for specific key words and drive not only awareness but traffic and sales around our any product or service.

The real benefit is when companies use both SEO and PPC together. If you have strong top listings on search engines and also feature on the top of the search page via PPC you dominate the page and show you really mean business. According to Yahoo, there is a 77% increase in potential purchase if you are top of natural rankings and PPC.

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Chris Eagle was one of the original founders of in 2005 and has seen it grow from two to 29 staff over the ensuing years. Chris is responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy and he has built up an extensive knowledge of online marketing disciplines encompassing paid search, SEM and email. Chris heads up a team of five in-house search analysts and three external off-page SEO agencies and is directly responsible for a seven-figure annual PPC search budget. Chris gained a degree in economics from Manchester University before working on Web-based projects when working overseas in Korea, teaching English.