Innovative FlexDesk 640 Launched By BakkelElkhuizen

flexdesk 640

Keep everything in-line to enhance comfort levels at the desk when alternating between the computer and and paper documents. BakkerElkhuizen FlexDesk 640 optimises efficiency whilst preventing neck strain. 

The multi-purpose FlexDesk 640 works as both a writing slope and document holder to helps make the most out of desk space. By simply placing it between the monitor and keyboard, it is easy to just the flex-desk to suit any task, whether it be pulling it towards the user for writing or pushing away from when using as a document holder. Every element within the design of the FlexDesk 640 is to benefit the user ergonomically to prevent long term issues in neck and back pain and strain.

There are a number of features that the FlexDesk 640 boasts, from its high-quality satin work surface, with easy gliding rails, cabin for pencils and 5mm thick rigid acrylic. For superb alignment to your computer screen, adjust the height (115-175mm) to create an optimum and proactive working dynamic that’s right for when working away.

Due to the FlexDesk 640 applying a shorter distance between the document, screen and keyboard, productivity is proven to be increased, whilst at the same time reducing flexion of the neck to increase work comfort. This really does make it a vital addition to desk space for referring when writing documents. But not only does it help ergonomically, it can be used to organise a variety of things from paperwork, files and notes to phones or any general equipment that’s handy at the office.

To see the FlexDesk 640 in action click here and watch this beautiful piece of craftsmanship put to the test. This really is a 21st century essential in any office. To avoid unnatural head and neck movement click here to ensure that staff are getting the most out of your FlexDesk 640.

The FlexDesk 640 is available to the consumer from Osmond Ergonomics for £169.14 incl. VAT.

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BakkerElkhuizen is specialist in designing ergonomic solutions for computer workstations. For the development of our products and the putting together of our product portfolio, we assume 4 workstation concepts: fixed, mobile, flex and home workstations. For each workstation situation, we offer the right solution and the right product. Our products contribute demonstrably to the health, productivity and conformity of the user.