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JetClass Offers Private Jet Flights At The Cost Of Business Class


JetClass is a new travel service, which aims at reinventing the business class experience by allowing passengers to travel via private jet at the same cost, without membership fees. All they have to do is to book a ticket like they would on a regular flight.

JetClass comes in response to the decreasing quality of business class flights, especially on short-haul flights around Europe, and their limited supply. Current solutions within business aviation are excessively expensive with charter costs starting from 10,000 euros and high membership fees. Besides that, most providers offer no guarantees that all booked seats will be available.

With JetClass, business travellers will have an opportunity to fly private at the cost of business class, get more flight options, and have a better experience at the airports and during the flights. All offered seats are guaranteed and only performed on business jets of the leading European private jet operators. JetClass ensures that all safety standards and regulations are being followed by its partners.

The service is based on an innovative big data technology that manages a smart schedule based on the prediction of travel trends. Whenever premium travellers need to fly, there will be an offer for them. Artificial intelligence analyses big data collected from global distribution systems (GDS), booking platforms and travel agencies to predict the trends and settle a flight.

Currently, about 280 million seats (or 8% of all airline tickets), sold worldwide annually, are business class tickets. The mission of JetClass is to provide frequent premium travellers a qualitatively new and convenient way of flying: it brings business aviation closer to consumers, saves them from an unbearably exhausting time at the airport and brings an impeccable in-flight experience.

JetClass is launching ticket sales at in June 2017 with its first fixed routes connecting London-Nice-London, Zurich-Brussels-Zurich and Olbia-Nice-Olbia.

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JetClass was founded by the business aviation guru Vladislav Zenov, and tech-entrepreneur Wagas Ali. The same visionary team who also founded Charterscanner, which is today the leading private jet booking platform for B2C, empowering its customers to charter a jet within 10 minutes from their smartphone.