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Is your business GDPR ready? With the advent of the EU Data Protection regulation in May 2018, the press is full of alarming stories encouraging companies ensure their business meet all the necessary requirements.

Whilst we at Neupart do encourage organisation and planning, we would recommend calm at this time. For many, the task of keeping the sensitive information they handle safe, is nothing new. What is new is that the EU GDPR sets a requirement that you must be able to describe how keeping data safe is intended before you go about doing it. Then, it must be possible to show on-going compliance with your own policies, procedures and guidelines. This will undoubtedly put pressure on some departments and create the need for increased levels of cooperation between colleagues. Certain private companies and most public agencies will also require a Data Protection Officer.

KMD Neupart’s Secure GDPR ensures an organisation meets all requirements for compliance whilst ensuring employees are not placed under an enormous administrative burden. The system makes it easy for companies to establish the right processes and gain an overview of which documents are available and have been read by employees, suppliers and partners. The key features of the product include:

  • Gap analysis: know current status and your level of compliance
  • Data flow mapping
  • Support if the Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Data Protection Officer dashboard
  • Effective management of data breach notifications
  • Awareness quizzes and film for employee training

An Implementation Guide can be downloaded from our website. If you start your planning now, all will be well in 14 months time.

KMD Neupart

KMD Neupart UK was established during 2016 following rapid growth in Denmark and Scandinavia. KMD Neupart UK works with clients such as NHS Christie Trust, FDM Group, The Royal Blind School and Phoenix. The UK office is headed by Harshini Carey.