Seeing Life Through ITIL’s Lens

Does a Service Management professional’s brain never stop seeing ‘incidents’ and ‘problems’ around them?

On my way to the itSMF conference in rainy London, I saw a woman trip on wet marble as she entered the tube station. As she fell to the floor on her backside I automatically thought: ‘This could have been easily avoided with Proactive Problem Management!’

In fact, tripping-on-wet-marble can be seen as a ‘known error’ since it has happened before and continues to happen over and over every time it rains, and would be easily resolved by placing a sufficient number of anti-slip rubber mats right at the entrance, where the floor is wet and slippery.

Is it just me who sees life applications for ITIL principles?

Samantha-Jane Scales is an ITIL and Prince 2 certified Service Management consultant working with London based Plan-Net. Having worked as an operational IT manager with organisations as diverse as Nuffield Health and Steria, she brings her expertise from the real world into the engagements she undertakes, focusing on the quality of service to the end customer, the effective utilisation of IT resources, especially people, and the relationship between the business and IT. Samantha-Jane is a Member of the British Computer Society and has recently taken over the reins of Membership and Communications Secretary of the Kingston and Croydon BCS Branch.