Sending Faxes Anytime From Anywhere Is A Big Plus For Any Organisation


We live in a world where our need to be connected is always present, even when we’re on the move. If you’re on a business trip you still need to check your email regularly and stay in contact with your co-workers and clients.

In some respects technology has evolved to make communication seamless while travelling. Mobile roaming, for example, allows one to stay connected throughout the world and many hotels offer Internet access in your hotel room.

What about faxing however? Faxing can be just as important a communication tool on a business trip as email is; however, getting access to it might be tricky, and, if you factor in security concerns as well as added costs, it becomes immediately apparent that it might not be wise to exclusively rely on finding faxing capabilities at your destination.

This is where Exchange faxing comes in. With Exchange faxing you have faxing capabilities integrated within your email system which provide a number of advantages.

1. Accessibility

If you have access to your company’s email infrastructure you can send and receive faxes. Since it’s easier to gain access to the Internet than access to a fax machine when abroad, if your organization uses an Exchange fax solution you essentially have access to a fax machine virtually worldwide.

2. Security

Faxes can contain privileged information which you will want to protect and this brings up certain considerations when using a third-party fax machine. If the owners of the fax machine insist on sending the fax for you then your information is in their hands. Alternatively, even if you are given access to the machine, an unfamiliar fax machine can cause security concerns.

Some fax machines might make a copy of the sent fax to their internal memory. It is possible that the fax machine is using FoIP (Fax over IP) service which might also keep a copy of each fax sent. In any case nearly all fax machines are likely to keep a copy of the details of who the fax was sent to, which in itself can also be sensitive information.

By implementing an Exchange Fax solution you gain control over the privacy of your faxes since, by using an encrypted connection to access your Exchange system, you can ensure that no one is able to intercept your fax or any of its details.

3. Costs

When using a fax solution on a business trip you’re bound to pay any price requested if you really need to and since faxing is no longer a common service, people might take advantage and increase their prices. Internet access on the other hand is quite common and thus a lot cheaper. By using an Exchange fax solution you will therefore be paying for the internet access rather than the cost of sending a fax.

4. Convenience

Since most mobile phones can be used to connect to the Internet you have fax capabilities with you at all times, especially if you have data access on your mobile phone. Therefore as long as you have mobile coverage you can send and receive faxes.

In a world where time is paramount having the ability to send faxes at anytime from anywhere is a big plus for any organization. With an Exchange fax solution you will not need to worry about added costs, privacy or even faxing availability. If you are regularly on the move then Exchange faxing will easily pay for itself while giving you the peace of mind that no matter where you are, you will always have access to your very own personal fax machine.

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Emmanuel Carabott CISSP heads security research at GFI Software. He has over 12 years’ experience in the security field and is a regular contributor to several websites and blogs. For more information about the benefits of using email usage reporting.