SEO Isn’t Just For Christmas

Whether you manage your own website or have it managed by a third party like e-mphasis you may not have considered the implications of seasonality of the content of your website. What should you be doing to help your site secure you a big Christmas presence?

Most online businesses update their product range or service offering in line with the seasons but in our research less than 10% optimise the SEO content of their web pages specifically for seasonal events or consider using seasonal pages (to preserve the SEO benefits) as part of their strategy.

Seasonal SEO isn’t just for Christmas

Seasonal SEO can be a powerful tool in driving additional traffic and leveraging the opportunity that this, often overlooked, opportunity represents.

Here is a brief list of things you should consider in your seasonal SEO and especially this Christmas:

  • Pages: do you need additional pages on your site to target specific search phrases? After all you don’t necessarily want to lose the benefits of your existing SEO
  • Content: Does the text of your page support the seasonal keywords you want to target?
  • Meta Tags: Have you updated your page Titles, Descriptions and Keywords to reflect the seasonal key phrases and the message you want to give to people searching who find your site in results
  • Submission: Don’t forget to submit your site to the major search engines once you’ve made changes to ensure the search engines don’t overlook you
  • Offsite: SEO is at least as much about off-site value, consider the inbound link opportunities for your site
  • Timing: Make sure you get things in place early, search engines can take months to reflect new or changed site content

Well that’s a little early Christmas present from me, oh and if your SEO is doing a good job for you don’t forget to send them a present. You’d be amazed how much harder they work when you reward them!

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Andrew Rayner is the Director and Founder of online marketing consultancy E-mphasis. Andrew’s expertise lies within the technological side of marketing, through utilising computers and the Internet to create the best office and business environments. He works closely with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), claiming that this is no ‘black art’ – it takes appropriate applied skill and knowledge. He is highly regarded as an expert in the field of natural SEO and is regularly invited to speak on the topic at conferences and events. Andrew and the team at E-mphasis have pioneered an innovative use of Google Maps and online business listings to create highly targeted Local Internet Marketing strategies. Local Internet Marketing is a hugely untapped area of marketing strategy and one which is now beginning to generate interest and excitement from major UK retail brands.