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ShowDocument Storms Into Online Collaboration Market

It this age of the Global Village it may be that a work colleague is not at the next desk or even the next floor; there’s every chance they are in the next country or even continent.

Thanks to this Interweb thingy the way we communicate has been radically altered and there is a steady growth in the tools that can enhance the way we work and share information. The latest to pop up on my radar is ShowDocument which provides a broad spectrum of facilities which anyone can use but if you register you get some additional bolt on goodies.

To use the service you go to the web site and start a new session and you are allocated a code that you can then email to whoever you want to participate in the event ands they simply log on using that code.

A comprehensive guide to using ShowDocument can be viewed here.

Services offered by ShowDocument include:

  • Share documents – a file sharing and online document review service that allows users to work together with any document including PDF, Word, Power Point, jpg files. Elearning, online training and work meetings use this service.
  • Shared text editor – an advanced online text editor allow users to work together during the web meeting on text files and save the files on their workstation afterword.
  • Interactive whiteboard – an interactive whiteboard allow users to work together. They can write and draw images on the whiteboard during the web meeting.
  • A rapid share file from a URL – insert a document URL within the Web Meeting application once you entered the live meeting. Begin session by clicking on Interactive Whiteboard and open a new tab and select Document from URL.

To see the added benefits you get by registering see the chart below:


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Kevin Tea is a journalist and marketing communications professional who has worked for some of the leading blue chip companies in the UK and Europe. In the 1990s he became interested in how emerging Internet-based technologies could change the way that people worked and became an administrator on the Telework Europa Forum on CompuServe. With other colleagues he took part in a four year European Commission sponsored project to look at the way that the Internet could benefit remote communities. His blog is a resource for SMEs who want to use cloud computing and Web 2.0 technologies.