Steve Jobs: Don’t expect this to stop anytime soon

I was talking to a friend last night and we were reflecting that Wednesday night, the night Steve Jobs died, was another one of “those moments” when the world connected instantaneously and will remember…

That moment, when the preponderance of people (at least those I know, and know of, and who emailed and texted to spread the news…and beyond…all the millions who Tweeted…), was one of those ”exact moments” when many people felt the same thing and will remember… was reminiscent of the moment when Kennedy was assassinated (they say…)…

When John Lennon was killed (I remember), when the Towers fell (I was there), it was an extraordinary moment of coming together, confronting our shared humanity/mortality, a moment that overtook everything else because it was also a moment that symbolized for many the cutting short of something terrific, and the irretrievable, undeniable end of something great…

And we were reflecting, my friend and I, that each of these people (Kennedy, Lennon, Jobs) really DID represent their era, their time, in something incredibly positive, transformational and all about modern communications and networking:

Kennedy – the emergence of an optimistic future-looking world, post 2 World Wars, a world led by a young, courageous, fresh, inventive and vibrant America and a charismatic US President who commanded it and transformed the televised media;

Lennon – the mainstream rebel redefining popular culture as a multivalent, multilayered composite of music, philosophy, politics, poetry, spectacle, underscoring the emergence of ‘people power’ in the mid- to late 60s and 70s and inspiring a revolution for a generation;

And Steve Jobs – redefining culture as “digital culture” – and along the way touching and yes, revolutionizing generations (not just one) and design, marketing, business strategy/tactics, execution, music, film, publishing, computing (of course) and etc etc.

So when I say ‘Don’t Expect This to Stop…’ I mean the continuous re-thinking and examination of the man’s impact on our lives and his legacy….especially in anticipation of the Walter Isaacson Authorized Biography due on October 24th (btw – another Jobsian marketing master stroke – Isaacson is, after all, best known for his biographies of… Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein…good company to keep). For now – here’s another little interesting piece in the NY Times.

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Yuval Brisker is a Co-Founder and the CEO of TOA Technologies. He is a passionate technologist, a customer service advocate and the thought leader behind TOA’s unique focus on the Customer Experience through Customer Appointment Management. Before founding TOA, Yuval had extensive experience establishing, growing and managing various technology related ventures, at MaxBill, an international Telecom Billing software vendor based in Israel and Visual Information based in New York. Before founding Visual Information, Yuval practiced architecture in New York City.