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It’s Time For CIOs And IT Directors To Wake Up To Scripting

A recent research report by independent analysts Quocirca, points out that “30% of an IT teams’ time is spent on low-level tasks such as responding to minor user incidents, carrying out routine procedures or checking for errors.” The report concludes that “One way to reduce the cost of performing such tasks is more automation.” This is not news. I recall writing articles on this wastage of time, resources, skills and money back in 2009. Yet here we are in 2013 and the wastage continues despite an environment of ongoing budget cuts, lay-offs and the need to do more with less. Amazingly CIOs and IT directors continue to overlook one of the most obvious ways to increase accuracy and efficiency while freeing up IT time to focus on more important tasks. The answer is staring us in t......

Are IT Professionals Over-Qualified And Under-Utilised?

A study of UK IT decision makers, commissioned by IPsoft, has identified a worrying trend in over-qualified IT professionals spending nearly a third of their time on low level IT tasks such as responding to incidences and checking for errors. The Vanson Bourne research identifies a clear mismanagement of resources with those surveyed admitting that on a regular day their staff only use about half (47%) of their applicable qualifications. Against the backdrop of severe skills shortage across the IT industry, these findings are particularly worrying. IT managers are clearly more concerned about the poor use of skills than the need to train employees to gain the right ones. 74% of those surveyed revealed a major frustration with the level of time dedicated to low level IT tasks which is not o......

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