The Cloud Comes To Morocco

Genious Communications ( is the first company to bring cloud hosting to Morocco with a new range of cloud and CDN services powered by OnApp software. Genious launched in 2003 and is the only ICANN accredited hosting provider in North Africa. Genious hosts numerous high-profile websites including, one of Moroccos's largest newspapers, and, Morocco's leading coupons site. With new cloud and CDN services in French, Arabic and English, Genious aims to expand into Beirut, Algeria, Tunisia, and to become the leading Arabic cloud provider. Like many hosts, Genious chose OnApp Cloud to evolve from traditional dedicated servers and bring more flexible, scalable cloud services to its customers, with lower costs. With OnApp, Genious has already reduced customer costs by 30% while improving its own margins. In this video, Hamza Aboulfeth, founder and CEO of Genious, describes his experience of moving to the cloud with OnApp, and the particular challenges of the Moroccan hosting market.

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