There is a hidden gremlin lurking in the depth of your corporate IT network, both SME and enterprise, that has the capability of blowing a huge hole through your compliance work. No matter whether you are governed by an industry body such as the FCA for Financial Services markets or seeking to comply with cross industry regulation such as GDPR, this menace is putting your organisation at risk of financial penalties and damage to reputation.

In the IT industry we call this threat ‘Shadow IT’ – sounds very spooky doesn’t it? So what is it? Read on to find out..,,

Imagine a scenario where you need to send a presentation pack to a new investor or client. There are some lovely high-resolution images in there put together by Marketing. It’s a great presentation but unfortunately the file won’t send by email as your client has an attachment size limit on their email system. Your sales person, desperate to ensure the presentation arrives as soon as possible, decides there is no time to wait for IT to help. They use an online file sharing service like DropBox to send the file which then safely arrives. All is okay then?

Well no. Let’s consider why.. ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’

With increasing regulation and controls governing your business, whether GDPR, FCA regulation or otherwise, you need control of your IT to ensure you remain compliant. A simple audit can determine the extent of ‘Shadow IT’ within your business.

The Hidden Menace About To Blow Your Compliance | BCW

The Hidden Menace About To Blow Your Compliance