The Need For Sophisticated Enterprise Content Management In The Modern Business


A report by Wainhouse Research found that 72% of enterprise video users say that mobile is a “required or a very important factor” when evaluating and purchasing a video solution. It is clear that providers of enterprise content management software must ensure their offering is refined and flexible enough to meet customers’ needs. This means effectively integrating with established mobile device management systems (MDMs), supporting content across every device and ensuring device-level security.

A robust and sophisticated ECM system is an essential tool for a modern, developing business. As a provider, flexibility of the system is a must. Ensuring that content is viewable while remaining appropriately encrypted and secure on different devices with different operating systems is becoming a critical element of that flexibility.

Demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to increase and numerous device management systems have been developed to address this growing trend in the enterprise. It is paramount that the security of a company’s network is ensured and maintained. However these MDM platforms come up short in a few key areas.

First of all, they lack the sophistication of more comprehensive content management systems. Imagine the speed and precision with which you could search through your company videos if your system allowed you to employ functionalities like searching the audio tracks of videos.

Secondly, MCM platforms do not deliver content to employee devices in an efficient way, the result being high latency/poor resolution and multiple unnecessary copies of videos slowing down your network. A refined enterprise video platform has the necessary technology to deliver content with precision to the appropriate recipients in the correct format but also with minimal stress on network bandwidth.

Given the diversity of devices in use, any sophisticated enterprise content management system will be capable of providing a consistent service across a number of platforms and operating systems. Whilst this sort of broad support is critical, it brings with it the challenge of ensuring that the content shared across these devices is appropriately secure.

Robust authentication and device-level security are essential, both in terms of accessing the app itself as well as managing individual permissions for the sensitive content within it. Of course, many MDM platforms already offer a degree of security and ECM systems must be able to integrate with these. However, ECM systems can go further by offering more sophisticated security tools such as the provision of secure and encrypted downloads with built-in view limits and expiration dates, individualised to particular users and even to specific devices of those users.

These are a few challenges that ECM platform providers must overcome in order to offer the sophisticated and comprehensive solutions expected by modern businesses. However, it is encouraging that these issues are being raised and answered by the industry. The perceived barriers to implementation are being overcome and business executives are increasingly choosing enterprise video solutions to provide secure, flexible and efficient communications.

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Martin Nurser, Vice President of Qumu EMEA, brings more than 25 years of enterprise and technology industry experience with emphasis on engineered systems and cloud technologies. He is a leading expert in channel and strategic alliance development and management, go-to-market planning, as well as market segmentation and business strategy formulation. Martin has held a variety of board level leadership roles, including Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Business Development, and Operations.