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The Training Dilemma: Onsite Or Offsite?


It would be fair to say that companies have become much more open to training over recent times. Whether it’s because of more accreditations now being available to obtain, or just because companies are starting to see the value in investing in their employees this way, we’re not going to speculate. The point is that employee training is being taken very seriously.

Something that companies now think about isn’t if they are going to offer training to employees, but rather how they are going to do it. Most of the major training partners, such as WestconComstor Academy, tend to offer training on both an onsite and offsite basis. Both options have their benefits and pitfalls and through this guide we will now scrutinise them in detail.

The Onsite Solution

Let’s start with the onsite offering that training companies provide. When we talk about ‘onsite’, we’re referring to the training being based at your own business. In other words, the training company visits you.

Depending on the provider you use, there can be obvious cost benefits here as you won’t be requiring use of facilities. As well as this, it tends to be easier to get a larger group of the company involved in the training as no travel is required.

However, arguably the biggest benefit relates to the relevancy of your business. This will largely depend on the type of training that you have registered, but being able to ‘practice’ with your own company’s equipment and machinery is obviously a huge advantage and means you can apply the training into the real world much more easily.

The Offsite Option

The alternative is in the form of traveling to the offices, or training center, of the company who is providing the support. Suffice to say, this is a much different experience, but one that can be very beneficial if applied in the right circumstances.

Firstly, some employees will find the training much more enjoyable and beneficial if they are taken out of their natural surroundings. In some cases, this might be because they are thrown out of their comfort zone and subsequently have to apply themselves differently, while in others it might be because they like to ‘get out’ of the office for a day and this benefits them.

There will be occasions where a training company has better equipment to use as well. This is unlikely if you are part of a large organisation, but particularly if you are tapping into the training from a small business perspective it could mean that you can take advantage of much better equipment.

At the same time, it might not work for everyone. If you want to quickly apply the training to your real world place of work, many believe that the onsite solution should be taken. However, it really does vary between circumstances, related to the company sourcing the training and the niche which the training focuses on, and there isn’t an overall ‘best’ option so to speak.

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