Too Many Ways To Message Me (Or Am I Just Getting Old)?

Social Media is great, and I am sure we can all cite examples where it has benefitted us, but there now seems to be too many ways that someone can communicate with me (apart from letter, postcard, phone call or in person).

So rather than “communicate” – maybe I should say “message me”. Actually, the problem is not sending the message out. You can make sure any message hits multiple channels. The problem is neatly summarised by Just a Thought below:


So is there a business opportunity to create an application which will aggregate all the messages, spot the duplicates sent through different channels automatically, and then sift out the once that are really important? Maybe it already exists.

Answers on a postcard….

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Ian Gotts is CEO and Chairman of Nimbus Partners, an established and rapidly growing global software company, headquartered in the UK. He is a very experienced senior executive and serial entrepreneur, with a career spanning 25 years. Ian has co-authored a number of books including “Common Approach, Uncommon Results”, published in English and Chinese and in its second edition, "Why Killer Products Don't Sell" and books covering Cloud computing from the perspective of both the prospective buyer, and the software vendor. Having begun his career in 1983 as an engineer for British Rail, Ian then spent 12 years at Accenture (nee Andersen Consulting) specialising in the project management of major business critical IT projects. During this time, he spent two years as an IT Director, seconded to the Department for Social Security (DSS), with a department of over 500 and a budget responsibility of 40 million pounds.