Top 10 Windows Phone 7 tips and tricks

Do you have a Windows Phone 7 device? Want some tips and tricks? Well read on I have gathered 10 of the best and most useful.

1. Call when your hands are tied

Don’t have time to dial a number? just tap and hold the start button. This will activate Voice Controls on Windows Phone 7. Then just announce who you want to call, as in “Call Robert Mobile”. You can also do other things via voice activation like, “Find Coffee in Johannesburg”, “Open Music” or “Start Application”

2. Copy & paste

This was one of the criticised flaws of the first Windows Phone 7 launch. No Copy & paste. but now you can copy just about any kind of text on your phone and paste it anywhere you can type.

  • Tap a word.
  • Drag the arrows at each end of the highlighted text to include the first and last words you want to copy.
  • Tap Copy.
  • Open the file, app, or message where you want to paste the text.
  • Tap where you want to paste the text.
  • In the text suggestion bar above the keyboard, tap Paste.

3. Quick picture

Don’t miss a shot. You can take a picture or shoot a video even when your phone is locked. Don’t try to first unlock your phone. Press and hold the Camera button to start the camera. Usually this button is found on the right side of the phone. Then click away.

4. Search for just about anything

No matter where you are in your phone you can search for just about anything. You can search both on and off your phone. In addition to web searches, you can also press Search to find email, calls, contacts, or new apps to buy. It all depends on the app you’re using when you press it. Just Press the Search button.

5. Tap and Hold

The biggest thing to remember when using a Windows Phone 7 Device is almost in any case you can “TAP and HOLD” to reveal extra functionality.

  • “TAP and HOLD” a Mail item to see “Delete, mark as Unread, …, clear flag”
  • “TAP and HOLD” a conversation/SMS to see “delete, forward”.
  • “TAP and HOLD” an entry in Call History to “Delete”.
  • “TAP and HOLD” a calendar entry to see relevant Actions for the appointment.
  • Try “TAP and HOLD” in most other places to reveal hidden gems.

6. Change picture hub background

In Windows Phone 7 the picture hub has a double-width tile on your phone’s start screen. Not many people change it, leaving the default background. Changing it is easy: Open the picture hub then press and hold on an area where there is no text – an option will appear to “Change background”. Select it, and you can choose the picture you want from your camera roll or saved pictures.

7. Typing foreign characters

Have you ever wanted to use foreign character while typing. In case you wondered how to type certain characters like European or some Afrikaans/Dutch accented characters etc. Then press and hold the character key in the keypad and select your choice. Say you wanted to type the letter ‘e’ with an accent mark above it. Then press and hold the letter ‘e’ and you will see various choices.

8. Saving Battery

One of the downside of all these smart phones, like the Window Phone 7 device, is how much battery they use. One way to conserve battery power is to turn of Location. Location services are great, but they will eat your battery. If you aren’t fussed about geotagging your photos or finding out where you are on Bing maps, go to the Location option in Settings and slide the toggle to the left.

9. Delete multiple emails

Are you tired of deleting emails one at a time. To quickly delete multiple emails, tap the left-hand edge of any message in your inbox to expose checkboxes next to all your messages. Check the ones you want to delete and tap the garbage can icon.

10. Using the three dots

Whenever you see three dots at the bottom of the screen, that’s a menu for more options. In photo playback for example, it will give you the options to delete the image or perform a quick upload.

Most of all enjoy and have fun with your Window Phone 7 device!

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Robert Bravery is a professional programmer, Web site Developer and professional blogger for Integral Web Solutions.