Top 5 Microsoft Tools To Manage Your Business From Anywhere

Microsoft Tools

Managing an office is difficult enough when you have everyone in the same place. In today’s ever-changing environment, you’re asked to manage the information of employees who are on-site, off-site, traveling, working from home, in another office, with a client, the list goes on. These rules also shift from day-to-day. The employee who was working from home yesterday is at a sister site today. The employee on-site today needs to be working on a flight tomorrow. Even you need to be able to manage from anywhere.

You need everyone to have access to the information that they need to do their jobs, from a multitude of devices in a variety of places. You also need to make sure they have this access without risking the security of that information.

By combining a number of business management programs under one house, Microsoft developed the tools to be able to handle this kind of workload easily and efficiently. It demands a new way of thinking, and that demands cloud platforms be more flexible so you can manage from anywhere.

Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, SharePoint, and Operations Management Suite are all good tools to use individually or in conjunction with complementary pieces.

1. Office 365

Office 365 allows you to access your Office programs and environment directly from the cloud itself, meaning you can essentially use the same interface, files, and working environment from any device, anywhere.

2. Azure

Azure uses the cloud to backup your data for safekeeping. Even disasters like the floods of two years ago – which threaten physical backup sites – don’t impact the cloud. You can even prescribe recovery plans for different types of scenarios so that if a disaster or a cyber attack does strike, you’ve already got your response plan automatically triggered to get your business back in working shape immediately.

3. Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise Mobility Suite is a great tool for managing various mobile devices. It allows you to securely manage who has access to what information, and even from which device they can access it. If a device is ever lost, you can wipe it remotely.

4. SharePoint

SharePoint allows you to create national offices on the go so that teams made of members at different locations can coordinate and make decisions together as if they were in the same room.

5. Operations Management Suite

Operations Management Suite allows you to manage these and other tools together across various devices, operating systems, and clouds. It’s a staggering suite of options that works with the reality of today’s business world and allows you to be more adaptable to whatever may arise.

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  • Exactly! these five tools discussed in this post are quite helpful in business growth, I was knowing these tools but never tried used. But after reading its plus points it seems I should use it.