You are a digital marketer and probably working on one of the best streams of today as well as many years to come. According to a report, with more than 3.2 billion people are using the internet in the entire world. Simultaneously, there have been reports floating around which talks that newspaper readership has been decreasing, which eventually points the future of digital age.

For every blogger and content marketer improving their web presence and search traffic is utmost important. SEO is the topmost ingredient to it. You may find many SEO consultants who may promise you a top position with some minimum charges. But let me tell you No one can guarantee top ranking in search engine. So here is my quick guide to some SEO myths..

1. ‘Offline’ Businesses Don’t Need Any Website Optimisation

Your business is still doing wonderful in offline medium and you are expecting that none of your customers are interested in an online activity. Whether you have a static website, blog or forum you should have it good optimised as per standards. A well optimised page has more potential to get shown on top of the search results compare to poorly optimised pages. Write clear and precise title tags, title tags should be very relevant to your business and it should convey what your business/page is about. It helps search engine to show your listing if it precisely matches the users’ search intentions

2. A Sitemap Will Boost Your Rankings

Every time you create a new page you create a new link. For a search engine, a new link is equal to a new page. The sitemap is a way to let the search engine know about which all pages you want it to scan across your website. A search engine has their frequency to crawl a website so it is always advisable to submit your sitemap whenever you add a new page to your existing hierarchy. Submitting equally means you get better visibility as search engines now aware of your newly added pages too. But ranking is not fully dependent on this. You may read a small guide from Google Webmaster. You can also prevent some directories if you do not want search engines to crawl those pages.

3. A User Interface Is Not Really Important

A user interface is one of the most important aspects that your website visitor is more likely to see before even interacting with your website features. If your website user interface is not a clear user may find it difficult to surf the pages and they may not find the relevant information that they intended for.

4. Website Security Is Not Important

Whether your website is hosted on shared hosting or private hosting, you can not ignore the basic security which can protect your website from any unexpected events. There has been continuous news on many good websites being hacked in order to gain potential benefits. Whether your website is popular or not but it is advisable to have some basic mechanism which can protect your important data.

5. NoFollow Links Are Not Important

As a digital marketer, you would always want to improve your website ranking and you do focus on activity that can give you DoFollow links. NoFollow links certainly do not provide you any SEO juice as compared to DoFollow link but a healthy mix of these links are a key to a good SEO strategy. These links help you in other ways compare to SEO benefits, like, they build awareness for your website, generate traffic which leads to potential business.

I hope this small guide helps you move forward in your SEO practices and clears some myths around SEO techniques. Comment below if you have head any other myths.

Top 5 SEO Myths You Need To Know | BCW

Top 5 SEO Myths You Need To Know