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Top 5 Upcoming E-Commerce Mobile App Trends


In the year 2016, smartphones superseded the computers and heavy gadgets to be the most used medium for e-commerce. Which shows how trends are growing in favour of m-commerce. And as per the recent reports, this is expected to exceed over 60% of total e-commerce traffic in the year 2017. Talking about the real value, it is going to be around $200 Billion in the B2C segment in the US alone by the starting of the year 2018. Big figures!

Well, with that it becomes highly important for you as an e-entrepreneur to consider venturing into the mobile version of your business through e-commerce app development. And to do that effectively and to make the most out of the growing opportunity you need to trace and comprehend the trends that would drive eCommerce marketing in this season and beyond.

1. Chat & Shop

As the growing number of options in shopping keeps your flooded with choices, making it difficult for you to take buying decisions, it gets important for you to take opinions and discuss views to shop better. This facility is accentuated by introducing Chat feature into the m-commerce apps, to allow users to chat with sellers, friends and other users in real-time, to commit to better and easier shopping. Besides, on the other side, it also allows businesses to attract more customers by allowing them more dynamic approach to shopping.

2. Virtual Reality E-Commerce

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the buzzwords of the internet world these days. They are being used to artistically characterise the material on the web and collaborate with the interface to take the customer experience to another level. E-commerce trade is applying it with great neatness to enhance engagement and add on to the communication details of their apps. Besides, it allows the e-store to commit to better product display, fluid browsing, expressive reception and impactful presentation for users.

3. Voice Search

The one thing that people want to do the least on their mobile phones is typing. Especially when there are a host of social media and messaging apps already consuming most of their time in texting. Or maybe when they are rushing through their daily routine jobs. Knowing this, all modern apps are turning towards voice scripts and vocal commands to ease their communication with users. By allowing your users to search through just speaking up the term you make it really user-friendly and ensure a better response from them. And this is only going to grow with time!

4. Mobile Digital Assistants

Mobile Digital Assistants are incredibly reducing the time and effort of users by assisting them in browsing the stores, searching products, shopping and doing payments. Talking of that, Gartner report says that about $2 Billion worth of shopping would be done with MDAs in the near future. And this figure is only going to rise with time as people would have easier and better access to the technology. The report also suggests that tools like M and Magic are expected to play a central role in mCommerce in the upcoming days.

5. Mobile Wallet Usage

Mobile Wallet Usage is going to be among the most prevalent trends in the domain of e-commerce. As per a study, it would be highly used by people in developing countries who are gradually shifting towards digitalication of payments and electronic modes of shopping. And this would be mostly adopted by the young population and would be more popular with the Android users, which is considerably larger in numbers, compared to any other operator.

So, with these e-commerce trends showing up so neatly, it seems that there are a lot of possibilities coming up in favour of e-stores and online shopping practices are going to incessantly rise both in terms of volume and intensity. With time these trends should also evolve and rise up to contribute better ways to commit electronic trade and app development companies will play a vital role here. And this will happen by combining and roping in other allied technologies and advanced resources to the notion and practice of e-commerce.

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