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We’ve Failed – Again!

I sometimes get asked if we won’t get some embarrassment on this site if something fails or goes wrong. Aren’t we worried about that?

Well yes we are. We have had some minor embarrassment in here already. And at some future point, we are maybe going to have some failure that really smacks us hard, in here, in public.

I don’t say I welcome it happening. BUT I trust this organisation now to react in the right way to its problems. We have some smaller historical, no doubt irritating things, that may take more time to fix, and some people are not slow to tell us.

But we are looking forward. We expect to grow and to encounter technologies and situations that may be new to us. And I want our partners and customers to believe we will meet such challenges honestly and openly.

As a sales guy said once here, if we have a problem with one of our products our competitors can highlight it using our own site. Well yes. That could, maybe, cost us a sale or two. But I would show the customer or partner the whole site. In here, you are likely to know going forward what’s going right or wrong for us. You can see we can’t hide much in here.

Now, with our competitors, where is it you are going to go for THAT level of insight? Do you want to work with a supplier who shows you the whole thing, or one which tells you just what they think you can handle?

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John Conoley joined Psion in 2008 and has 25 years experience in the technology industry. John has significant experience of working with both direct channels to market and also channel partners such as Value Added Resellers (VARs), Distributors, Systems Integrators and Developers. Before joining Psion, John was head of energy company EON’s Corporate Business Division, responsible for improving the performance and profitability of a division with sales of £1.5bn. Prior to this, John spent many years growing or turning round technology businesses as CEO.