What are the benefits of Software Asset Management?


The role of software in running businesses today is becoming more and more important. So too is the importance of developing a systematic process to look after this valuable and indispensable asset. By implementing a Software Asset Management programme to optimise the full lifecycle of software assets from the initial purchase, deployment, maintenance, upgrades and retirement, organisations can reap huge benefits.

Cost Savings and Improved Financial Control

One of the major drivers for an organisation implementing a Software Asset Management programme, particularly in the current economic climate, is the fact that it can save money and allow more effective budgeting and financial control. A good Software Asset Management solution ensures that:

  • All licences are fully allocated and there is no overspend on wasted licences
  • Organisations can plan for the future and budget for software requirements, including new software and upgrades or support requirements, so that there are no unexpected software costs
  • There are no ‘out of the blue’ fines for non-compliance
  • Organisations can take advantage of volume discounts for new software licences by the fact that there is a centralised licensing process

Licence Compliance

An obvious benefit of a Software Asset Management programme is the ability to ensure you are fully licensed and compliant at any given time. It helps you understand and comply with the Terms and Conditions of your end user licence agreements and ensures you stay within your legal parameters. Should you face an audit from a software vendor you have the ability and confidence to answer the questions you are faced with straight away.

Improved Employee Productivity

A good Software Asset Management programme ensures effective management of user manuals, reference materials and product support. Having access to these support materials makes employees more productive. Also, by ensuring that all staff are using the same versions of software, file conflicts and sharing issues are avoided and there is a better communication flow throughout the organisation. This means happier, more productive employees.

Increased Confidence in your Business

With the knowledge that you have a successful Software Asset Management process in place, not only will staff feel more confident in the organisation they work for, boosting morale, but your business partners will feel more at ease dealing with you, knowing that you comply with your software’s legal requirements.

Reduced IT Support

With the suppression of unauthorised software and licensed software being used and maintained correctly, employees require less technical support. This can help IT operations by reducing help desk calls and allowing them to concentrate on other core activities.

Reduced Security Risks

With a Software Asset Management solution, organisations can identify and prevent users from downloading unauthorised software which can lead to computer viruses. This in turn reduces IT helpdesk support for software-related enquiries by employees misusing software, and eradicates the potential of costly damage caused by viruses.

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After completing more than 600 projects in the last 6 years and being directly involved in the development of the International Standard for Software Asset Management (ISO/IEC 19770-1), Sean Robinson is now regarded as one of the leading authorities in Software Asset Management (SAM). Currently as Director for Licence Dashboard, Sean continues to be responsible for the development of the leading software licence management tool, Licence Dashboard. FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft, has recently appointed Sean Robinson, to its Board.