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8 Ways Online Signature Software Can Help Your Business

Signature Software

A pretty handy tool that helps eliminate tedious and cumbersome paperwork, online signature software can help organisations in multiple ways. It is a tool that improves business process and ensures visibility and security. Here are eight things the software can do for you:

1. Speed Up Transactions

Often, business transactions are slowed down because of the cumbersome paperwork that requires signatures from the prospects or clients. This is further compounded when clients are from a different location and cannot be present to make the signature in person. In such cases, organisations would have to send the documents by post which will then be signed and returned via post. Instead of this, which would slow down transactions, organisations can make signature software as part of their business transactions. It eliminates the need for delay, and allows for the completion of transactions immediately.

2. Ease & Convenience For Customers

With the signature software, organisations can offer their customers ease and convenience in completing their transactions. Instead of having to come to the office or other place of business, customers can complete their transactions from anywhere, saving them time and effort. This can also act as a competitive advantage, as customers are always looking out for better and faster ways of doing things, and if you can offer them that while your competitors cannot, you have a better chance of landing the deal.

3. Integrate With Other Solutions & Processes

Online signature software is built on open architecture, which makes it easy for it to be integrated with third-party solutions and business processes. This allows users to complete transactions from within their systems without having to toggle interfaces. Also, it allows for great customer service since users can also complete their tasks seamlessly without much effort. The software can also be offered as part of an integrated platform.

4. Accuracy & Reliability

With signature software, both parties can be sure about the accuracy and reliability of documents and storage. Many times, users miss signatures, which will only delay the process and make it more cumbersome since the whole process has to be done again. In contrast, signature software points users to all the right places for signatures, and ensures that none are missed. If the user misses a spot and tries to submit the document, the software will alert the user regarding the same and will not allow for submission. Also, both parties can enjoy the reliability offered by the software to complete their tasks in time.

5. Real-Time Status Alerts

It is very useful for organisations to learn about the status of the document so that they can process the next steps. With paper-based signatures, there is no way of knowing this, but with the software, this is a quintessential component. As soon as an action has been taken on a document, both the parties receive alerts and notifications.

6. Communication

With signature software, both parties can be kept informed automatically. The software ensures that there is reliable and effective communication among all the parties involved in the deal. Alerts, notifications, and reminders ensure that things are done in time.

7. Reduce Costs

The costs associated with paper, ink and storage can snowball and become too much to bear. With signature software, users get all of this for much lesser prices. There is no physical paper or storage involved, and the software will maintain everything reliably.

8. Digitise Processes

Organisations would like to digitise their business processes for the many benefits they gain, but processes like these are still the weak links in the chain where the process has to be broken. Instead of this, users can employ the software to ensure complete digitisation of the process.

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James Maron is an author at SutiSoft. He shares his views on SaaS and Cloud-based business management solutions.