When it comes to mobile, make it personal

From the early days when it was simply all about a phone call, through the text era, the mobile web time to the app obsessed world, mobile has undoubtedly come a long way, fast. It is definitely here to stay – but what often gets ignored is why mobile has the “Midas touch”.

The answer is that mobile integrates seemlessly with everyday life. When a process frustrates us and we look for a new way, mobile often gives us an answer – comparing prices for example, or getting someone’s opinion. It is the ability to add value to our daily lives that makes mobile so indispensible nowadays.

When it comes to new technologies for mobile – the techies may swarm to use the new gadget but it is the everyday, mainstream user that forms a fundamental part of many organizations’ customer base, and with mobile, they often adopt the technology organically as a matter of convenience or coincidence. For these people it’s often the familiarity of their phones, or the convenience of the opportunity that encourages them to try out the new fad.

It is undeniable that the very fact that a mobile phone sits so close to your hand in your pocket, gives it such a powerful influence. When enterprises find a way to tap into this, they will have struck gold.

To achieve this level of contact through mobile, enterprises need to choose strategies that work hard for both the company and the user.

Whichever method is used (apps, mobile web or sms) the mobile function needs to be well targeted, well positioned and individually tailored to the user, if it has any chance of being successful. The key is to know your customer, and add value to their mobile experience.

A multi-channel strategy is the way forward. This firstly applies to channels to market – consumers need to be given the choice of using mobile just for calls and texts, for information, for purchasing or for delivery, and any other combination of these.

Secondly the mobile channels on offer need to be multiple. Consumers on iPhones need to be given the same options as those on BlackBerry or Android. Moreover the quality in each of these mobile channels needs to be exemplary to ensure the user has the best mobile experience possible.

Once that personal relationship has been established users will come back for more, and if an enterprises’ mobile offering is continually kept up to date and consistently betters the user experience it will establish a solid user base, thus driving sales, revenue and reputation.

So I’ll leave you with one rule of advice when it comes to mobile: make it personal.

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Sophie Vu leads the execution of Kony Solutions’ marketing and business development initiatives. She has previously served in a variety of marketing and communications roles for software companies including Adobe, Motorola, Palm, Symantec, Yahoo!, ESPN and Google. Sophie earned a master’s of business administration from the University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business from San Francisco State University.