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Why Live Streaming Is Important For Your Brand


In a world where your senses are constantly being overloaded, how do you ensure that your product, your voice, your brand is being heard? This is the question that racks just about every advertising company the world over 10 times a day on a daily basis. Okay, maybe not 10 times, probably around 10,000 times!

It is a little daunting, however with the innovation of technology and just about everyone having a smartphone in their pocket, it is a lot easier to pull the attention of people towards your brand. One of the best ways to do that is via live streaming.

Many, many platforms have begun using this particular form of media to get out information. One of the best examples is BBC World News live, where people are being connected to world news as it happens. The constant engagement and real-time interactions, reactions from interviewed speakers, and playing out of events helps keep people interested in the news.

How does this relate to a business? Simply really. If you are attempting to have people see your business through new eyes, to connect with your products as more than just a possibility in a sea of options, then you need to get in on online news. A great example of this is how so many YouTube stars have begun live streaming with their followers to answer many of their followers on a variety of questions from how they film their content to what their real personalities are like.

This helps to build trust. Trust and buy-in is essential. If consumers can see that your company shares similar values, beliefs and practices to what they have or what they aspire to have then they are more likely to feel connected to your products. And once they are connected, then they are far more likely to continually choose to purchase from you in the future, as their money is supporting your value system.

How does online streaming do this better than a blog or infographics, for example? Well, live streaming is a fully immersive technology. Live streaming means that there is no editing; there is no polishing up errors, or taking away pieces that you may not want others to see. There is total transparency. This is paramount for the building of trust, and probably one of the main reasons why consumers love it.

Another reason live streaming is great is that it is easy and that just about anyone with a smartphone or camera can stream online news as it breaks, thus helping to connect everyone to the story. This is incredibly significant if you’re hoping to build your brand.

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