You Have No Traffic Because Your Content Sucks!

OK so now you’ve been convinced to set up a blog. You have chosen your preferred blogging platform. You have chosen your blog title. You have also chosen your niche.

You have written a few articles, posted them up to your blog. You have created a Twitter, Facebook, and various other Social Media accounts. You have started to gain friends and followers on these accounts. Now you have started promoting your blog on these social networks as well as made use of various other marketing avenues.

You’ve got a great looking blog theme with great harmonious colours. Your blog is as slick as it can be, not too many ads if any. Widgets are to a bare minimum. But, you are not getting the traffic you’d expect. In fact your traffic is pretty much close to pathetic. The reason; Your blog sucks. More specifically your content sucks.

You see people are not spending enough time on your blog. They leave very soon, never to return. They also never promote your blog themselves. When they arrive at your blog, they find nothing of value. To rectify this problem, have a look at these few suggestions.

Lots of words but say nothing

Yes you have typed up and posted many articles. You have written thousands of words. But in truth you are actually saying nothing. Too many bloggers either re-hash what’s already out there, or they just plain copy. Yes there are just so many topics you can write about. But the difference is what YOU bring to the article. Your own perspective, your personality.

It’s all you, you, you

Stop trying to promote your self only. Don’t just write what you want. Find that happy medium to what you like, know and enjoy, and what the reader wants and needs. Promote your readers, make them feel as though they are the centre of your blog.

Your posts are boring

Yes, you’ve written lots of articles, but are they exciting? A big reason why readers never return or stay longer on the blog is because the posts are just plain boring and monotonous. Mix your posts up a bit. Have some controversy, add some humour. What about some personal drama. Then a dash of mystique and suspense. Get creative.

Your grammar sucks

Now this is a huge problem of mine. I’m dyslexic, so I have a big problem with grammar, spelling and syntax. Although this is a disadvantage, I have come a long way. Purely because of blogging and reading. My skills have definitely improved. But I was not able to do this alone, and am still not able. I have enlisted the help of others. They read, check and help to fix problems in grammar and spelling that I would not otherwise notice. It’s not all perfect, but I am making a huge effort. When people do not see that there is an effort to correct spelling and grammar, then you will just put them off.

You do not post regularly

This is a widely debated topic. How often should one post. Should it be once or twice a day. Once a week, once a month. I don’t think that it is a matter of how many times you post, but how consistent you are. The key feature here is fresh content on a consistent basis.

You have no factual basis

Research is key to a successful post. Write something that has lies or false facts and then you will have destroyed your reputation and credibility. Do the proper research. 80%-90% of your blogging time will and should be taken up by research. Only a small amount of time is taken up by actually writing the post.

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Robert Bravery is a professional programmer, Web site Developer and professional blogger for Integral Web Solutions.