Workers find technology more stressful than relationships

British workers spend five hours every week stressed out… because of technology. A new study showed that more than a third of workers reckon technology makes their blood boil more than anything else.

The survey has revealed that slow internet, computers crashing and the printer running out of ink or paper sees workers feeling harassed for an average of 56 minutes each day.

By far the most troublesome pieces of office equipment are computers, followed by printers and phones. More than 40% of the 3,000 adults polled said that their working life and having to deal with technology was way more stressful than their love lives, domestic disputes and financial troubles.

Work can be stressful for many people and technology is certainly something that tends to tip people over the edge. It can be frustrating when your computer crashes, the printer packs up or your phone loses battery – especially if you’re in the middle of something crucial.

We tend to take technology for granted when everything is working well, but as soon as it fails our stress levels rise purely we have become so reliant on technology in our working lives.

Other findings from the survey include one in ten British workers claim to be completely stressed out from the time they get up to the time they go to bed, and the average worker reckons they spend 22% of their working day wound up about something.

But it’s not just technology which gets our blood boiling – one in ten gets wound up when there is no milk for their first cuppa of the day. 19% confess to getting worried over late buses and trains.

The research sample also claims their favourite way to relieve a stressful day is to chill out and watch TV – and over a quarter of us go for a glass of wine in the evenings. A chaotic 7% of workers said they never unwind at the end of a stressful day at work because of family commitments. In comparison, 94% of those polled said they don’t get stressed at weekends.

It certainly appears that it’s the little things in life that get the blood boiling. The stresses of the working week can get you angry and frustrated but in the grand scheme of things slow internet connections, and printers running out of ink are not big deals.

Most of these issues with technology can be prevented – keep a spare set of printer cartridges to hand, keep phones and laptops charged and be sure to backup key documents, music and images so you don’t risk losing them.

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