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5 Tactics To Grow Your Business Leads

Grow Business Leads

You’ve finally moved past the pen and paper and actually turned your entrepreneurial dream into a reality by starting your very own business. You’ve had an interesting idea for a product or a service, managed to pass through the investment cycle, found out exactly what sells and what doesn’t and created yourself a small, yet organic client base that keeps the business going. But once you reach a certain threshold, it’s time to start considering all the options you have to expand your business and reach even more potential customers. Here are some of the most successful tactics used by business owners from around the world to achieve and maintain a stable increase in their core user base.

1. Rethink & Reevaluate Your Pitch

Pitching is never easy. You’re tasked with trying to focus outside attention on your business idea or product promotion without it sounding too needy, pathetic or spammy. Although there’s a subtle art when it comes to pitching an idea, using the same exact approach and looking for the exact same customer profile every time you pitch can only result in your current market becoming oversaturated and your response rates dropping. You need to start thinking about your business from the perspective of a potential buyer and look for ways to reach new markets. You can use surveys and questioners to get the necessary information for your existing and prospective customers and use it to further refine and upgrade your pitch.

2. Leverage Your Existing Client Base

Looking for new client base is important, but so is engaging your existing audience. Regularly encourage your customers to leave comments on your social media profiles or write a review or a testimonial about your products and services. Address any issue your customer’s report, make sure you answer any questions they might have and don’t be afraid to ask them for their opinion. People are inherently social and won’t hesitate to let their friends and family about an excellent product they’ve bought or the high-quality service they’ve received, whether through word-of-mouth or the use of various social media. Always think about your existing customers and networking hubs capable of generating at least a couple of new leads.

3. Work On Expanding Your Network

While your current user base needs to be regularly maintained, you cannot possibly hope for it to grow and develop all on its own. On the other hand, generating leads can be rather expensive and most of the time, it’s far easier and financially manageable to outsource workers for lead generation. This will help you avoid spending your already stretched budget on the unnecessary overhead associated with hiring workers and setting up the office. Professional appointment setting services are a lifesaver when it comes to scheduling business meetings with prospective clients on your behalf and decreasing the workload your team has to go through.

4. Offer Trials As An Incentive For New Customers

Offering a free trial is an effective, compelling way of turning potential customers into paying customers or simply attracting new customers altogether. An incentive is something that will motivate a person into taking action. This loose definition has allowed business owners to use a wide variety of incentives to help their prospective customers perform a specific action more easily. You can use gated content, eBooks, email courses, free service trials, gift certificates, shopping discounts or work with your partners to create an offer to help you both increase awareness, maintain business authority and reach new customers.

5. Provide Your Product/Service For Free In Exchange For Reviews

As powerful and omnipresent word-of-mouth can sometimes be, living in the digital era means that the majority of shared information is actually digital. This is one of the reasons why small-to-medium-sized businesses rely heavily on influencers for in-depth, realistic products and service reviews. Micro influencers are ideal due to their small yet highly actionable audiences whose attention can easily be focused on what your company has to offer. Sending a couple of products here and there is a small price to pay for a highly-influential brand ambassador.

Offline marketing is also very important and widely successful even today. The most successful marketing strategies are those that utilise both online and offline tools to generate leads and sales and relying only on a single approach, whether digital or in real-life is simply a poor business move. Instead of singing the same song over and over again, try to reevaluate your existing pitch and consider using every channel you have at your disposal in order to reach your goal.

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