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Top 7 Magento Themes For 2018


If you are an e-commerce company or a user, you will not ignore the store. Themes play an important factor when you are presenting your goods and services to the client. It would be right to say a theme is the X Factor that your site requires. Sometimes, the difference between a good and a bad site is just that of a theme. Magento is a dominant player in the e-commerce world and therefore, its users have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a theme.

Unless, you have a clear vision of where you are going (honestly, most of us are not like this) too many options can just end up confusing you. To top it all, you will be unsure if the customisation will work and will you get the features that you expect. Here, I bring a list of seven Magento themes that I believe will be hot in 2018.

1. Oxelar

From Envato Elements, Oxelar is a perfect choice for your online store because of its cutting-edge features like retina ready, multiple and flexible layouts, product sliders, etc. This is termed as a multipurpose theme which can be customised for multiple stores. The sample design deems fit for a fashion store. You can check out more themes from Envato.

2. Ebajes

Ebajes is a free theme from a popular Magento theme creator Halo Themes. It is a simple and aesthetic design that would display your products with required details and also a choice for customers to add them to the cart instantly. This theme is HTML5 and CSS3 compatible with responsive design, integrated fonts, widgets, extensions, etc.

3. Halo Meros

Halo Meros is premium theme from the Halo Themes collection costing approximately $98. If you are willing to purchase a theme, then this one comes with a host of advantages. Besides the regular features like responsiveness, fonts, colours, etc., you get an ace admin panel which saves you a lot of time along with label and cart extensions.

4. Pagayo

If you are not up for spending a lot on your Magento themes, then this one is a great choice at only $29. Pagayo boasts of being a popular theme since 2007 with amazing responsiveness and features where users can compare products, see promotional banners on homepage. This is a great choice because of its SEO optimisation promises.

5. Trex

The themes that I covered above were all multipurpose. Trex is more of specialty store and is free as well. The demo available shows it as an ideal choice for businesses that are selling sport gears. The neat layout and bold colour choices are what gives this theme a sporty look. You can customise colours and fonts to match your business logo.

6. Pixtron

Pixtron leaves an impression at the first go. It is an absolutely free theme with choice of paying $29 to get it installed by professionals. But, that is up to you. It has all the features that Magento themes for Magento 2 are required to have. Additionally, the developers Hidden Techies lend lifetime update and support.

7. Ves Kasitoo

Ves Kasitoo is designer from every angle and appropriate for stores that will be offering designer furniture, clothes, accessories, etc. You get the responsiveness, optimisation, and additional page load speeds. The maker of this theme is Venus Theme which offers amazing payment plans and Magento Development services.

Remember, that whatever theme you choose needs to be coherent with the business you have and the products that you are having. Once, you have the right theme, then just go online happily.

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