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Why Web Scraping Is Necessary For Big Data

Big Data

The world is has woken up to the idea of the big data. Both companies and individuals require regular data for different reasons. This is what led to the concept of web scraping or data scraping. One important beneficiary of web scraping is the iPhone app development company. So much data goes into iPhone app development industry.

Before any app is developed, it is important to carry out a research to be sure of the need for that app. This is because you must be sure of a particular need before you develop an app to bridge it. With data scraping apps, you may not need to carry out any research. You only need to figure out some websites where the required data can be scraped.

Apart from iPhone app development companies, other companies also require various kinds of data for various uses. This is why web scraping has now become a common practice. Website scraping is done to have access to critical information often gotten from competitors’ sites. Data scraping tools make it easy to extract important data from stiff competitors’ websites needed to take major business decisions.

The act of data extraction is really not new. It has been in existence for a long while. The only difference is that it used to be done manually. It is the manual data scraping that has become obsolete now. The reason is obvious. Manual data extraction is tedious and cumbersome because every web page would have to be studied in details before extracting the data on it.

In addition, the fact that some websites now have thousands of web pages makes manual data extraction virtually impossible. The worst part is that manually extracted data is quite unreliable as it is usually fraught with numerous duplication, omissions, and other errors.

On the other hand, when the process of web scraping is automated, a lot of energy and time are saved and accuracy is enhanced and that in turn, leads to reliability and higher quality output. With Data as a Service (DaaS), useful data can be extracted from hundreds of product pages in minutes with an accuracy of almost 100%.

Price transparency and rate parity always work hand in hand and they can both be implemented when prices are constantly monitored with different tools on different platforms. When prices are set in tandem with target market, it boosts customer loyalty and sales. Customers will be encouraged to order through the main site and not third party sites.

By subscribing to DaaS, you will no longer need to spend huge funds and time to monitor competitors’ prices manually. You will have access to competitors’ prices easily. Web scraping is a simple method used to scrap a website. It is the act of extracting data online from multiple websites. The process is done by a robot or a program by extracting content from the display output of other programs or web pages. Such programs are simply known as a website scraper.

A lot of businesses need to extract information regularly. It may sound easy if you only need to scrape data from very few web pages. But, it becomes a herculean task for those that require continuous data extraction from hundreds of web pages. This is exactly why data crawling and extraction services have become common practices today.

An important part of data extraction is saving the scraped data into a single location. This is usually the most difficult part of the whole process. It is very difficult to copy data from multiple web pages and paste in a spreadsheet or a database. Human errors cannot be ruled out in this. Even when you are aware of the error, fixing it will be more difficult because of the amount of time required. Considering all these challenges, making use of crawler bots should be a good idea. Web scraping has become indispensable as manual data entry is very tedious, time consuming and laden with human errors.

A web scraping program is developed to meet the requirements of certain businesses where huge data resources are required. The program will extract data quickly, appropriately, and in an organised way without any error. This is because web scrapers are programmed to navigate through multiple web pages, extract relevant data from the pages, and save the data properly for future use.

Every business requires regular extraction of data to analyse its growth and to also assess competitors’ performance. The competition the corporate world is now so tight that every business needs real-time access to useful data regularly. There is no way manual data extraction will give you real-time information regularly.

Due to the importance of regular up-to-date information, iPhone app development companies have built several apps that work in conjunction with data scraping applications to give regular information based on the need of the user.

Here are some important benefits of web scraping:

Price Comparison

No matter what your business is, you are either selling products, services, or both. Whichever the case may be, you need to make your prices competitive and the best way to do that is to monitor the prices offered by your competitors. Since it may be difficult for you to do that, you can make use of one of the price comparison apps produced by iPhone app development companies. You can hire an iPhone app development company to develop a customised app for you or you can make use of the generic ones but you need to configure it towards your niche.

To Gather Public Opinion

This is an information age and a lot of buyers base their judgment on online reviews. So, it is very important to find out public opinions about your brand, your products, your services, and that of your competitors. This will give you a guide towards improvement. There are apps that provide general public opinions about different products and services. You definitely need it to maintain your online reputation. In fact, data collection is important for the growth of every mobile app development company.

SEO Tracking

There are apps that provide organic search results. You can make use of these results to find out all your SEO competitors for every keyword related to your niche. The big picture here is that this gives you an idea of the keywords that pull traffic to websites most.

There are several other uses of web scraping, the ones mentioned above have just been chosen at random. In fact, any company that does not source regular information for business intelligence may soon be out of business.

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